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Grishko Triumph PRO M Pointe Shoes

Grishko Triumph PRO M Pointe Shoes

  • ₱4,98000

This model is recommended for dancers who like the original «Triumph» model, but want a quieter shoe.
- The shoes are based on the original «Fouette» last.
- This model has a U-shaped medium vamp, a wide platform and a drawstring.
- Contains innovative noise-reducing PRO technology that makes pointe shoes quieter.
- Tiumphant balance thanks to a wider platform.
- Triumphant lightness and durability thanks to new glue.
- The sole is hand- stitched.
- The heel is 5 mm lower than in Fouette.
- Triumphant grip thanks to a non-slip sole.
- Triumphant stability of shape thanks to a double upper and longer supportive wings.
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