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Grishko Nova Flex S Pointe Shoes

Grishko Nova Flex S Pointe Shoes

  • ₱4,68000

New facets of perfection. It suits most foot shapes and is recommended for both beginners and advanced dancers.
- This model has a U-shaped medium vamp and a drawstring.
- The sole is machine-stitched.
- The shoes are based on the last «Grishko-2007».
- Lightweight and increased durability due to specialelastic paste
- A wider platform than Grishko-2007 providing excellent balance
- Bonded satin in vamp area for extra smooth surface
- Perfect fit due to lower heel height vs. Grishko-2007
- Longer and supportive wings provide flexibility due to elastic paste.
-This model is recommended for dancers who like the original «Nova» model, but want a quieter and more flexible shoes.
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